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We love working with isomalt!

Isomalt is a unique, excellent tasting sugar-free bulk sweetener.  Isomalt is anti-cariogenic and does not promote dental caries, because oral bacteria cannot readily convert it into decay causing acids. Therefore, the acidic conditions that lead to tooth demineralization do not develop after consuming isomalt, as occurs after eating sugar and other fermentable carbohydrates. Furthermore, isomalt cannot be converted by oral bacteria into polyglucan, the substance from which dental plaque is synthesized.

​ Due to the metabolism described above, isomalt hardly influences blood glucose or insulin after intake as demonstrated in a number of studies, thus isomalt is very low glycemic. Isomalt is an ingredient, a useful tool within the total diet, that can contribute to providing low glycemic products to consumers interested in this health benefit. In particular those consumers are addressed that are interested in a healthy lifestyle (management and prevention of obesity, diabetes etc., being on a ‘low carb diet.’) There is a growing body of evidence that shows that a low glycemic diet can help in the management and prevention of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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